Aeration - Why It's Important to Aerate Your Lawn

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Lawn aeration is one of the most overlooked means of maintaining a green healthy lawn. That is probably because most people don't know exactly what it does, how it benefits your lawn or even how to do it properly. That's where we come in.

Aeration is the process of literally poking holes in the ground in an evenly distributed pattern over your entire lawn. The purpose is to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate to and throughout the grass roots. A strong grass root system is key to making sure your lawn doesn't dry out, wicks up the right amount of moisture and nutrients so it can grow hardy and healthy.

For a typical lawn, springtime aeration is ideal to make sure the lawn takes off in the early growth stages. Snow and ice can compact the ground and make it difficult for water and nutrients to sink into the root system. We may also aerate in the fall in preparation for the harsh winter.

You are probably most familiar with aeration if you've spent much time on a golf course. There are two types of aeration... plugs and spikes. The spike simply pokes holes in the turf. Plugs (more like what you would notice on a golf course) are created by plug aerators that actually remove a core or plug of grass and soil from the lawn. Golf courses use the plug method because it is more effective and you'll see them most in and around the greens where the turf also gets the most traffic.

Aeration has to be done under the right conditions. Moist conditions like after a rainfall or snow melting are excellent times to do it. Areas that are highly compacted might need multiple passes. The excavated plugs will dry and then you can simply mow over them or break them up with a rake.

The bottom line is that aeration will improve the results of your lawn care applications by strengthening the root systems and allowing the applied nutrients to reach into the roots where they are absorbed.

When you talk to us about lawn care, make sure you consider FREE aeration. We offer free aeration for clients who pre-pay for a years worth of lawn care services.

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