I HATE These Things!


Ticks are tiny and most people cringe at the thought of having one attached to their skin...me included. This year is predicted to be one of the worst for tick infestation. Treating your dog with tick repellent is not enough!

If you spend any time in the yard you may already have dragged one or two of these into the house. If you're lucky enough, you caught it before it did any damage. Here's some useful information.

Ticks hang out in low bushy areas at ground level. They like tall grass, brush and shrubs usually no more than a foot or two off the ground. They also live in lawns and gardents - especially at the edges where there is a little more growth. They don't "jump". They usually just grab on to you as you brush past... this is by accident! They wait with their front legs outstretched just in case you walk by. The minute you touch them, they grab.

The most famous tick is the deer tick for its ability to spread Lime Disease. The tell-tale sign of a tick bite that causes Lime Disease is a bulls eye target around the bite location. Other ticks also have the ability to transmit disease. Typically you won't feel a tick biting you which is what makes it so dangerous. We recommend regular inspection of your body when coming in from potentially tick infested areas - especially when camping or hiking.

Preventing tick infestations in your yard can help. That's where we come in. Even though you may have treated your pets, if they spend any time out doors, ticks can still grab on, at which point they can ride your pet into the house. It is common for ticks to transfer from pets to humans the same way they transfer from plants to animals.

Call us and we'll help determine if there is a need in your yard for this type of treatment. The cost is reasonable and the peace of mind is priceless (at the risk of sounding like a Master Card commercial : )


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