Do You Need Lawn Care?

Lawn Care

Now is a great time to go look at your lawn and see if your lawn could use some professional tender loving care. Does your lawn look like this or does your lawn have some of these flaws?







Uneven Grass Growth

When your grass is just starting the growing season you may see areas of decent grass growth and other areas that aren't growing well at all. After your first mowing, you may not notice this anomoly. Uneven grass growth is an indication that some areas of your lawn may be deficient in nutrients or have weak root systems. With this symptom, it is very difficult to keep your lawn well manicured and you may find yourself over-mowing to keep the grass even during the mowing season. Over-mowing can make the problem even worse. Treat your lawn now and bring deficient areas up to the rest of the lawn and you'll find yourself mowing less and your lawn will look even and lush for longer cycles between mowings.


Patches of Bare Ground

When you see this in your yard, you really need to jump on it. All things being equal, weeds will fill in the gaps before grass will. Weeds go to seed faster than grass and spreads much more easily. Grass itself actually help resist the spread of weeds but if you have bare patches in your lawn, expect the weeds to take over the minute the warm season starts to make things grow.




Weed Infested Areas

If you're already seeing weed infested areas in your yard, without treatment, the only thing you can expect is for the weeds to proliferate. If you see weeds in the spring, NOW is the best time to treat and condition your lawn to get rid of them and fill in those areas with new, fresh grass.





Uneven Grass Color and Brown Spots

There can be many reasons for this. Often, the lighter color grasses are actually crab grasses that are starting to take over. Brown spots indicate poor grass growth that could happen for a variety of reasons. They could be high traffic areas or very wet, flooded areas. You may need to consider aeration to promote drainage into the roots. It's rare, but we do it sometimes in the spring.






All of the pictures in this blog were taken on the same day. The first picture shows a health spring lawn almost begging to be mowed. The flawed pictures came from a neighboring yard showing all the symptoms of a lawn in desparate need of lawn care. Where does your lawn fit? We'd love to walk with you around your yard and show you how we can help!

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